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Mobile Dustless Blasting

What is dustless blasting?

Dustless Blasting is the fastest, most cost-effective surface preparation tool on the market.  The Dustless Blaster can remove virtually any type of coating from most hard surfaces very quickly and without creating heat or a dust plume.  This blaster uses pressurized water and recycled crushed glass.  We can also use coal slag, both wet and dry as well as dry soda blasting.

What can be blasted?

The dustless blaster can remove coatings from most surfaces.  Some examples are:  vehicles (fiberglass included), boats, brick and concrete surfaces, and trailers.  Live valves and tanks can also be blasted since there is NO spark, heat, or ignition.  This removal tool will not warp metal due to the lack of heat. 

We are ready to work in the following industries: automotive, marine, heavy equipment and trailers, surface cleaning, brick and concrete restoration, line stripe removal, graffiti removal, and fire damage.

Is it safe to be around dustless blasting?  Where can this be done?

Yes, this blaster eliminates hazardous airborne particles thereby allowing others to work nearby. We are completely self-contained and mobile, so we will come to you. 

Will my metal begin to rust immediately after being blasted?

We are able to add a rust inhibitor which eliminates the chlorides on the surface of the metal.  This will prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours depending on the climate.

How much does dustless blasting cost?

Please call for a free estimate on your particular job.  There are many variables to consider including the size of the job, the amount of media needed, and the location of your project. 


Efficiently removes old paint from diamond plate steel



                                  Before and after 1940 Pontiac front clip

                                       Fenders, hood and hood sides

                             Easily removes spray on bed liner and old body filler


                                                                           Jeep Body


                                                                          ATV Frame                     


                                                       Nova Fenders


 Steel Wheels

                                                                         Jeep Parts


1926 Model T Touring Car

Harley Frame

Steel Railings

1931 Model A Parts



 Paint Removed from Cobblestones  


Truck Frame 



Blasting Fire Damaged Concrete






Paint Removed from Stone Foundation


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